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  KaoLin Rubber Manufacturing (Hui Zhou) Co., Ltd. was originally established in Taipai, Taiwan in 1982. By understanding the needs to be aggressive and competitive, we have expanded our operations by building a large manufacturing Facility in Shenzhen, China in 1990 and renamed the company to be Kao Lin Rubber Product Co. Due to the needs in our business development and successful growth, our company has reformed to solely-owned in 2002. Its name has then been changed to Kao Lin Technology Co. Ltd. (Shenzhen). In 2008, we remove to HuiZhou, and changed company name to "KaoLin Rubber Manufacturing (Hui Zhou) Co., Ltd.".

  We are a company that offers different types of conductive silicone keypads, conductive natural rubber, industrial rubber accessories, automotive accessories, and plastic produces. With annual sales revenue over 5,000,000 US$ and a fully equipped tooling and manufacturing facility that is staffed with engineers, everything you need would all be within your fingertips. Not to mention that all projects can also be handled in a controlled environment and completed in a very timely manner. We are strived to provide you the One-Stop shop who offers custom-designed parts from concept to reality.

  Our environmental conscious 10,000㎡. Our company is a "Green Company", All the material we used, raw material、half-good and products, have past the “Rosh” and “SGS” test, and not inclosed the matter of harming-human, such as "Lead"、 "Cadmium"… etc. facility is not only ISO9001, UL(E215013) and The Green Part of Sony. There are over 20 highly trained engineers in our R&D department. Along with multiple types of advanced and high accuracy equipments, such as Life Cycle Tester, Abrasion Tester, Actuation Force Tester, Curve Tester, CTG-400 dimension Tester, and Laser Scan Tester, we are ready to provide you with unsurpassed engineering support. With the assistance of 20 Automatic Compress Silicone Molding Machines, 10 Silkscreen Printing Presses, 3 Automatic conductive carbon Machines, and multiple units of High Temperature Channel Ovens and Stereo Ovens, Automatic Keypad epoxy Machines, Laser Etching Scan Machines, and Automatic Spraying Coating Machines, our production department, which consist of over 40 managers and 250 staff, is devoted to utilize their knowledge and specialties to complete your projects in no time. High level of engineering support and fast turn-around production can not go along without a precision QC department. To provide you with a peace of mind, there are over 10 mid and high level managers constantly monitoring a group of 80 specially-trained QC personals. We welcome you to visit us and see our operations in person.

  At Kao Lin, we set our bars high. We push ourselves to offer best services and products to our customers. By constantly focusing on highest quality and improving in all aspects, we are certain that you will not be disappointed. We are all very proud of what we do.


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